Registration Tomorrow!

Registration is always stressful, no matter what major you are. I, like many others, use to prepare and figure out what my schedule should look like. It’s up to date with all the courses, their specific times, and even the specific professors teaching the courses as well. This site combined with gives you the chance to make your perfect schedule. What always makes me laugh is when I hear people talk about how awesome their schedules are before registration, you know what they say “it isn’t over until the fat lady sings.”

A lot of students get most of their desired classes but there is usually a hiccup. There’s always one class that fills up too fast or there are spots open for a different time that doesn’t work or a different professor that isn’t as good as the others. It’s at that point where you try to make the least bad decision and it never quite feels right. I mean in the end it doesn’t really matter, there are ways of getting around these problems. For example, this semester I wasn’t able to get into ME 10 and so to compensate I took Physics 22 to stay on track so I wouldn’t fall behind. That being said I’ll be up early tomorrow morning to head to the computer lab for a wired internet connection. I’m not trusting the wifi in my room with everybody using at the same exact moment. Maybe this time I’ll get lucky.