Studying for classes

This past weekend, I studied for PSYC 121 which is Social Psychology and I realized how different it is to study for non-engineering classes. Normally I would print out homework problem solutions from coursesite and then try to do all of my homework problems again before a test. Obviously, in a psych class there aren’t homework problems so it was very different trying to study. I became more nervous than you would expect seeing as it was a multiple choice psych test, it would probably be easier than my mechanical engineering classes. I hadn’t taken a multiple choice test in a long time so I was a little relieved to have a multiple choice test. What made me nervous was I wasn’t really sure how to study for it. I ended up retaking notes and reading them over and over. So I would say an important thing to learn about when you get to college is how to study, what works for you and how to study for different classes. If you’re someone who likes to make index cards, or highlight or retake notes, that’s great and you should get into the habit of that as early as you can. I know people always say, “Oh, I never studied in high school,” but you can’t do that here. College is definitely a step up from high school, especially for engineers. If you don’t study for your exams, you most likely won’t do so well.