Things to do in the Lehigh Valley

So I give tours of the engineering school and many times parent and students ask, “What is there to do around here?” There is so much to do in the Lehigh Valley if you look for it. Many of my friends here at Lehigh could say there’s never anything to do around here, but don’t even take the time to look for something to do. I’ve lived in the Lehigh Valley, obviously during the time school is in session, but in addition to that two whole summers. I’ve learned that “there’s nothing to do” is so far from the truth. There’s Musikfest, there’s Octoberfest, Celtic Fest, the Christkindlmarkt, Blueberry festival, there’s a dog costume parade the day the weekend of Halloween, there are restaurant weeks, etc, etc, etc. That’s only in Bethlehem (walking distance) alone. There are even more things to do outside Bethlehem a short distance away. So if you’re considering going to Lehigh and are worried about having nothing to do, just look online and see what you can find!


New Dean for the Engineering College

Last Spring semester, it was announced that the dean for the Rossin College of Engineering and Applied Sciences would be leaving Lehigh. Since then, a committee has been formed of different staff, faculty and students to search for a new one. I was asked last semester to join this search committee as the undergraduate student representative. There is also a graduate student representative who is a civil engineer. So far we have met a couple times, met with the department chairs, and held a town hall for students and faculty to attend to express their opinions. It has been an interesting experience so far. We are working with an outside firm, who will lead the search and find candidates for us to review. We’re hoping to have a dean selected this semester. I’m excited to see the candidates and see who we end up selecting for interviews. So wish us luck!

Beat Lafayette!


This phrase can be heard throughout the campus throughout the week. On Saturday, we will be playing football against Lafayette College in Yankee Stadium. Lehigh vs. Lafayette is the longest running college football rivalry in the country and our 150th meeting is this weekend. Every year students get excited for “Le-Laf week,” the week before the football game. There are lots of spirit events and fun activities. One of the traditions is Bed Races…which is literally racing beds. Teams of five race beds out in front of our Linderman Library during Le-Laf week. The teams dress up and it’s a ton of fun. I’ll be competing with my roommates this year, wish us luck! On Monday of Le-Laf week, part of the marching band called the “Eco-Flame” go around classes playing music and interrupting class. Le-Laf week is one of the best traditions we have here at Lehigh and everyone loves it. Yankee Stadium was sold out for the game, so there will be tons of students, alumni, friends, and family there this weekend. Look out, NY, Lehigh’s coming.

Pacing Break

Lehigh has an interesting schedule when it comes to breaks in the semester. Some schools will have a week off for Thanksgiving, but at Lehigh we only have Wednesday-Friday off. Instead of having the full week off, we’ll have Monday and Tuesday of the first (usually) weekend of October off. The break comes after the first round of midterms (known as 4 O’Clocks here at Lehigh). So it’s a much needed break, but it seems unusual in the sense of when it actually takes place. Last week my TA for my physics lab, who went to Penn State, was complaining about it being dumb, but I wouldn’t change it. It’s a refreshing break after midterms, especially for first years who are only just getting used to testing at Lehigh.

Broughal Engineering Day

So on Friday, the Rossin Junior Fellows Society (RJF) held the Broughal Engineering day in Packard Lab. The 8th grade classes from Broughal Middle School came over around noon and we split them into teams to do some engineering projects. The two projects were making a tin foil boat, which would be put into water and then filled with pennies, and to create a bridge out of tape, marshmallows and spaghetti. The students had a lot of fun with the projects and they got to hear some background information for why we were having them do those specific projects. We talked to them about suspension bridges, trusses, and about boats. All in all, it was a pretty productive day.

Career Fair

As senior year has begun, the job search has also begun. Today is the first career fair at Lehigh for the year. Each year we have two career fairs, one in the fall semester and one in the spring. The fall career fair is larger than the spring semester career fair, with over 150 companies coming to the career fair today. Big companies such as Ingersoll Rand, Dresser-Rand, Becton Dickinson, IBM, EY and many other companies come here every year to recruit Lehigh students. Tons of students will be dressed up with their resumes ready to hand out later. The career fair in the fall is held in Rauch Field House up on our Mountaintop campus. I’ve started talking to some companies that will be there today and hope to make some progress with my job search today. Wish me luck!