There are a lot of company information sessions coming to Lehigh to show how their companies are and what kind of people they are looking for. Last couple weeks , we have some TE’s, Ingersoll, Chemours’ information sessions. There are a lot of others, but I went to this two, and not only found it very helpful to know more about the companies, and what they are working on, but also found them too be very friendly. Because some of people there were also graduated from Lehigh, they are very willing to help you to find what you like, and answer the questions you have for that company. I was given some chances to talk to them individually after the information session and they help to think over what kind of industrial I want to get in after I graduate.



lehigh student research grant

it is so nice that in Lehigh,we are not only provided a lot of project opportunities, but also a lot of researches in some professor’s lab. Usually this professors work with Phd students, but we, undergraduate, student also get opportunities to work on some researches that interests us. this summer, I was working in Professor Liu Yaling’s lab on developing a auto-filling system for his 3d printer, and after that project, i am given another research to work on. And Lehigh provides funding opportunity for this research if the proposal is approved.


AIAA — helicopter challenge

Last Thursday, AIAA had a helicopter competition, a lot of students came to fly the mini helicopter and professor Grenestedt and Angstadt also came. It was a lot of fun, and there pizza provided. They have two helicopter which is easier to control, since you only need to control, pitch, and yaw, and they also one quadcopter, Which you need to control pitch, yaw and roll.
Here is the helicopter and quadcopter and remote controls.

Professor Grenestedt learning how to control.

Student fly the mini helicopter.

Timing the fly.


NASA trip

On last Wednesday, thanks to graduate student, Billy, we went to visit NASA Goddard Space Flight Center and had John Mather, a Nobel Prize winner who is leading the James Webb Telescope project to give us a presentation on telescope.
The largest cleaning room in the world, in which people test the glass of the James Webb telescope.

Little model of the telescope


Space imitation — inside the temperature is as low as it is in space, they use it to test if the device is able to survive in that low temperature environment.

Group picture of the tour, professor Hart was with us.