Why NX?

One class that all mechanical engineers are required to take is ME-10, Engineering Graphics and Communication or something along those lines. Whatever it is, we learn how to use NX 8.5 to create models of specific solids. But why NX 8.5? When you talk to someone about CAD modeling, the first question they usually ask is “Oh you mean like Solidworks?” When you mention NX, they just give you a blank stare, and my usual response is “Oh it’s like Solidworks but with more bells and whistles.”

The problem with NX is that hardly anyone uses it. Sure, it has more functions and gadgets at it’s disposal, but nine times out of ten, the company you interview for will use Solidworks instead. It’s much cheaper and it gets the job done. So when I was interviewing with Sanofi for a possible position, when I mentioned that I had experience with CAD modeling, they questioned me, saying, “But I don’t see Solidworks anywhere on your resume.”

I then went on to explain as I did earlier. Situations like this are why I’m probably going to be taking that advanced CAD course as an elective later on in my senior year. I don’t remember the exact name but I think it was ME 3xx. Hopefully I’ll be able to get some Solidworks experience in before I graduate.


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