Time Flies When You’re Having Fun

Wow, Spring Break is already over. I hope everyone had a good time, whether you went home, hung out with friends, or stayed on campus relaxing, but I’m kind of sad. It’s the last long break I’ll be having in a while, seeing how the only other break I’ll be getting is another week long break between my last final and the start of the summer session. Once my Co-Op starts, however, I’ll be able to come home from a 9-5 and have no responsibilities afterwards.

But before that, I have nearly half a year of classes that I still need to get through. While it was nice living a life of no work and all play, it’s time to switch it around to all work and no play. Or so I say but I know I’ll lose my will to study and be back to gaming within the week.

However, it’s also amazing to think that I’m nearly done with my sophomore year. I’m almost halfway done with my college career, and it still feels like there is so much that I don’t know. I suppose that feeling is a good thing, knowing that there’s still so much for you to learn. But before that, there is still an hour and twenty minutes left before my break is over, and I have a few more episodes of Marco Polo that I can watch in the meantime.

Good luck with the rest of the semester everyone! We’re almost at the finish line (not really there’s still more than 1.5 months left).


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