Thermodynamics and Fluids

Thermodynamics (ME 104) and Fluids (ME 231) are quite similar. While they cover different areas, the ideas and laws used in the two classes overlap quite frequently. Things learned in ME 104, such as the first and second laws of Thermodynamics, as well as basic pressure/stress systems share many similarities.

Which sucks because I trashed a lot of my old Thermodynamics stuff. I still have my old notebook, which helps, because we kind of gloss over those basics in ME 231 as we’re expected to know those things already, but I do wish I had old class handouts and quizzes to refer to.

So here’s a tip to any freshmen mechanical engineers or prospective students: don’t trash your notes from mechanical engineering courses. You’re going to need them later. Chemistry, Economics, and that other gen ed stuff though? Forget it, you don’t need it anymore. Unless you want to minor in those subjects, then by all means, go ahead and keep your stuff.

So while renting textbooks is easier on the wallet, sometimes it’s better to buy a book if you can. It turns out the textbooks are quite helpful if you read them. I know the textbooks are expensive, but if you dig deep enough, you could probably find them for a reasonable price (cough adfafreeaddsfasf cough cough).



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