Research Project – A Power Plant Tour

So part of the research project that I’m working on involves creating a more visual learning process when it comes to learning about the Rankine Cycle. Frankly, the Rankine cycle was one of the few parts of Thermodynamics that interested me, but trying to decipher what was really happening through some crazy looking T-S diagram didn’t come naturally. In fact, if it did, you’re probably the next Einstein in the making. Look at this graph and tell me you know how a power plant operates because the graph is just that clandestine.

rankine cycle regen

Yeah don’t lie, you’d probably need some time to study before you even knew what was going on in that graph. And even if you did, it’s still not easy to see how this fits into a power plant.

So one thing that I’ve been trying to do is find a virtual tour of a power plant and point out each phase of the Rankine Cycle in that power plant. However, much to my despair, nothing has come up. One company does have a power plant online, but it’s so fundamental and basic tat it wouldn’t help at all with something more complex, such as a Rankine Cycle with Regen.

Perhaps I should make my own power plant “tour” using PowerPoint, but honestly, I’m not being paid enough for that. It’s my passion for the subject that pushes me to go this far for the research project. Before I do anything that drastic, however, I’ll probably meet with the professor again to discuss things.


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