Co Op Position

The past few weeks before spring break have been quite taxing. Not only did I have some rigorous exams, but I also had to balance out my study time with prepping for interviews. And while I may have bombed a few exams here and there, something good did come out of this whole fiasco. I got a Co-Op Position with Sanofi Pasteur, a French multinational pharmaceutical company.

Wait a minute, what is a mechanical engineering student doing at a pharmaceutical company? Well that’s the thing with us mechanical engineers, we’re needed everywhere. The description of my position stated that I would be working as a member of the Manufacturing Technology VDL2 Platform, which is responsible for improving bioprocessing, fermentation, and purification platforms.

It sounds like a lot right now, and it probably is, but hopefully, after a few days there, the day to day responsibilities that I’ll have will become clearer and I’ll know what I’m doing. I’m excited, despite the fact that I won’t have a summer vacation. I’m excited because accepting this position marks my first steps into a larger world. Before I accepted this position, I never really did anything outside of the academic world. I was, and still am, a full time student. But hopefully my time at Sanofi will give me the needed experience to feel comfortable post-graduation.


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