Talking to Other Mech Es

So I’ve talked about how other students saw those who are Mechanical Engineering majors, but what do we Mech Es think about ourselves?

I decided to take some time out of my day to talk to some other students in this field and ask them why they decided to choose mechanical engineering.

Caleb Mandile is a sophomore, like me, who is on a steady track to graduating with a Mechanical Engineering degree along with an Aerospace minor. He’s always had an interest in cars, and worked for a family members car maintenance shop throughout high school. Also enrolled in the Co-Op Program, he’s looking at Lancer Systems, a weapons manufacturing company. He liked the classes that seemed to teach you things that had real life applications, such as ME 10, where we learned how to use NX 8.5, a modeling program. He disliked classes that seemed to be worthless and could just forget about due to the conceptual nature of the course, such as Thermodynamics (which I’m working on fixing through the research project). One class that he enjoys at the moment is MECH 12, which incorporates lessons learned in previous classes, which incorporates lessons learned in statics, MECH003, and MatLab, ME 17.

Due to the nature of his response, the following student has decided to remain anonymous.

Another student by the name of Manleb Cadile, took ME 104, Thermodynamics, with me last semester as a required course in his program. When asked what he thought about Thermodynamics, he replied with a string of explicatives that have no place even on a college blog.



One thought on “Talking to Other Mech Es

  1. how is for the student of mechanical engineering from USA get a internship? is it easy or hard? because I live in Brazil and do the same course like you. I am curious to be it! sorry for my mistakes I only have a little time that me learning english.

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