Physics 2: Lab

I really hated Physics 1 Lab here at Lehigh, and I’m sure that most people who also took that class shares my sentiment. Although most of the labs in physics 1 covered very basic stuff, the lab consisted of repeating a measurement ten different times for twenty different measurements.

Physics 2 lab is far more enjoyable. Although I’m not as familiar with the topics being covered, the fact that we only have to make a measurement as many times as we deem necessary to get proper data makes it far more enjoyable than Physics 1.

Last week, our lab involved measuring the amount of charge a capacitor was capable of dishing out over a brief period of time (we’re talking milliseconds). The lab was straight to the point: set up the circuits, gather your data ONCE, print your graphs, solve your equations, then do error measurements. There was no fooling around with measuring the same circuit twenty times and ending up with twenty different graphs.

Not to mention, getting to use and setting up circuits and using an oscilloscope was pretty fun.


Look at all those buttons.


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