Learning More About Other Majors

Lehigh’s a pretty good unversity. As such, they offer great areas of study outside of engineering, believe it or not. For example, this past week, I’ve met so many Business/Finance majors, pre-med/dental students, architecture majors, and much more.

Shameless plug: If you’d like to meet all different types of students here at Lehigh, rush PSP!

It’s always a good idea to open your eye to what goes on around you rather than staying in Packard Lab all day. Although there is a reason why there are so many mechanical engineers here at Lehigh. It’s because it’s the best.

Besides, whenever you talk to BIS/Finance majors or people like that and you mention that your major is in Mechanical Engineering, one of the most frequent responses I get is “Oh (insert explicative here), respect.” Mechanical Engineering is hard. There is a lot of math going on and sometimes the concepts just don’t make any sense at all.


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