ME 310 Final Semester Update

Hey everyone! It’s been a while since I last posted an update on my ongoing research, but that’s been quite the trend for me, huh? Updates every few weeks. Anyways, here’s the latest scope with what went down to finish off the semester:

So I had mentioned last time that we had finished machining all of the specimens. Well, all of the specimens were then sent out and were supposed to be wire-EDM, but unfortunately that has not happened. The company that we sent our specimens to got confused with some of the dimensions that we wanted in our notched specimens and didn’t notify us until three weeks later! We thought we would get some of the specimens fairly soon, but that was not the case. We eventually talked everything out and they are finally now wire-EDMing the notches.  The company is also now wire-EDMing out the 0.2” slot that is shown in the figure below.


The rest of the dimensions remain the same, however, from our previous machining. We are including a slot into our specimen because this allows a more intact, sturdy method of holding the clip gauge while also allowing for a better crack to propagate. We at first were going to use knife edges to hold the clip gauge, but decided to avoid that method because having a slot surprisingly comes out much cheaper than the original plan and because we can easily fit the gauge clip within the specimen.

I had also mentioned a while back that we would fabricate a clevis in house to avoid paying a large amount. The clevis however, has also been delayed but this is because our shop manager has been really busy trying to accomplish 3 or 4 projects at the same time, so he hasn’t had enough time to fully create our specimens.

It’s unfortunate that my team and I could not run a fracture toughness test. I was really interested to see what the results would display, but the wire-EDM and clevis fixture situation are things that I personally cannot control.  I am consistent in asking for updates from everyone, but I can only give a reminder for these projects to be completed.

Next semester, however, I will continue my research project and be sure to get these tests done as quickly as possible.  There are 36 specimens that need to be tested, so figuring out how I will get them all done will be quite a challenge, but I hope that with some help from graduate students, I can get these done quickly and efficiently.

More updates to come next semester!  Winter break is here!


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