Study Areas

Adding on to the list of reasons why FML is better than Linderman is that they are open 24/7 during exams week, giving all students, regardless of their sleep schedule, a place to study.

However, FML and Linderman combined only have so many open study places. Where can you go after that?

One good  place to look are empty classrooms. Now that it’s exams week, however, you should be careful about looking in empty lecture halls, as that’s usually where exams will be held.

Empty classrooms are the best. You get an entire classroom to yourself, a school computer to use so you don’t bring your own laptop and get distracted, and a blackboard to scribble whatever you want down. You can pig out on snacks in there, pace around while studying, and all that.

Just like seats in FML and Lindy, however, the classrooms usually get filled up fast. Maginnes, Chandler-Ullmann, and Lewis Lab are the usual culprits. So if you want a nice study area to yourself, it’s best to wake up early and grab it when most people have left and are still in bed.

Good luck, everyone! There’s only a week left now, you can do this!


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