Seven Days, Five Finals

Classes have ended and the only thing that remains between me and the completion of my third semester here at Lehigh is the classic Final Exams Week.

My first exam is MAT033, which is tomorrow, on the 13th. My last final exam is on the 19th, ME17. Altogether, I have five finals, meaning that within the span of one week, I will have taken five three hour exams. That’ll be a bunch of fun. As my MAT033 professor calls it, these exams will constitute our “judgment days” for those respective classes.

I’m not alone in this situation. In fact, many Lehigh students have an extremely condensed finals week. But that’s no reason to give up, rather, it’s more reason to try even harder. An entire semester’s worth of work needs to be paid off during this week. So hop on some caffeine or whatever it is that keeps you up and power through this final stretch.

Good luck everyone!


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