Put that GPA Calculator Away

If you’re like me, at some point in this semester you might have received an exam or quiz and had all the life suddenly sucked out of you. Panicked, you bust out a calculator and start calculating exactly what you need to score on the next midterm/final to still pass the class or get an A in it.

Well put that thing away, cause worrying about that isn’t going to help. That’s not the mindset you want to have while going into the exam. Rather, you’re going to go into the exam confident in the amount of time you’ve spent preparing for the exam. You’re going into the exam knowing that you’ve done all you can to prepare so you’re going to ace that exam.

Having the mindset of “omigawd i need a 97 to get an A in this class” or “omigawd i need a 100 to pass this class,” already sets you behind as it gives you a defeated mentality.

So quit worrying about it and just keep reading that textbook, keep doing practice problems and you’ll be fine. We’re all smart kids, we’re at Lehigh. All of us have the potential to do well.

Besides, there’s always a curve you an fall back on. If you can’t beat the test, beat your friends :^).


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