Holiday Cheer vs Finals Depression

I love FML. Unlike Linderman, it doesn’t have romantic lighting or beautiful interior design, it’s all business. Hell, the carpet next to a computer has been all but grinded away for the last year or so and it’s still not fixed. If you go to the upper floors of FML and walk along those study desks, you can definitely get a sense of the depressed air that permeates the campus during finals week.

Yesterday, I was walking to Chandler in hopes of finding a study spot. Lo and behold, it was snowing! Just taking a moment to pause and look around the campus really makes you appreciate how beautiful the campus is when it’s covered in snow. Maybe it’s like that everywhere, but I haven’t really gotten to see too much snow yet. Last semester (spring 2016) was my first time seeing snow at all. It really made me feel warm and excited for Christmas inside.

So there’s this dichotomy. Half of me feels warm and fuzzy with holiday cheer, and the other half of me is dead and hollowed out due to the stress of finals week. On one hand, I am seriously dreading this upcoming week. On the other hand, I can’t wait to go home and see my family and friends again.



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