Completion of the ME10 Project

ME10 ended a while ago, with our final in class exam happening on the first of December and our final project due on the eighth. This class was my first introduction to one of the key elements in Mechanical Engineering, which was the ability to use modeling software such as NX or Solidworks to create 3-D parts. It culminated in a final project that spanned the course of over a month, and in the end, it was pretty satisfying.

Although the project took over a month to complete, it wasn’t very difficult at all. The project was divided into four parts, and if you kept pace with one part every week or so, you’d be fine. The first part was sketching the parts that were going to be created by hand. The second part was creating the parts in NX. The third section required us to dimension said parts.

Finally, we put it all together. We gathered all the parts in an assembly and took exploded views before putting the parts together. In the end, it looked something like this.


Exploded Configuration


Assembled Configuration


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