ME 310 Research Update

Hey everyone, it’s been a while since I’ve last made a post, but here are some of the things that my group and I have done so far:

All of the specimens have been machined to their correct dimensions.


The specimens inside the box are half of what we machined out.  There are 18 total specimens inside the box and they are from the crown of the rail.  We still have to put 2 holes on each one, but I was able to drill some of mine out.


This is how the specimens should look like before they are Wire-EDM.  There are two 6mm (drilled and reamed) holes and the specimens have been polished so that when we perform the fracture toughness tests, we can see where exactly the crack begins to propagate. I just sent out the yellow box yesterday to get the specimens wire-EDM and now we’re in a waiting game.  The clevis is currently being built and until then, there’s not much for me to do.  We asked for some specimens to arrive back early so that we can get them tested, so we’ll see how fast they get back.

Stayed tuned for more updates!


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