Why Take MAT-033?

Well for one, it’s a required course, so you don’t have a say in it. You’re going to take this course. If you’re not a Materials Science major, which you probably aren’t considering that you’re reading a mechanical engineering blog, you probably won’t enjoy having to take yet another required course that doesn’t have anything to do with your major. Or does it?

Well, in the beginning, it seemed like just another chemistry class. We learned how to calculate densities of certain structures and all that. But then we started getting into some interesting stuff. One of the more recent things we learned was the different stress and strains certain materials could undergo before being permanently deformed, or undergoing plastic deformation.

Wait, that’s not even chemistry anymore. That seems like it could be useful…for mechanical engineering. That’s right. So it’s not as if all the required courses that Lehigh makes you take are worthless wastes of time. Some might be (cough CHEM 30 cough ECO001), but others are actually quite relevant to this major even if it doesn’t seem like it in the first place.

Back to the stress and strain stuff though. In summary, we learned how to use graphs and certain equations to calculate the engineering stress and strain a certain material undergoes when placed under a certain stress, the yield stress and strain of certain materials, the true stress and strain, so on and so forth. It’s cool stuff.


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