Mountaintop Projects

While it doesn’t provide you with quite the same amount of work experience as an internship or the co-op program, Mountaintop projects can be extremely interesting and a worthwhile time investment. However, what you get out of your mountaintop project is entirely up to you.

For example, I knew two people who did the mountaintop project. One group designed a shoe for paraplegic people to make it easier for those who have restricted motor skills to walk. Another group played board games. And while both groups were paid the same amount, in the end, which experience was more worthwhile?

Now I’m being a huge hypocrite here because if I was offered an opportunity to play board games and get paid for it, I’d hop on that bus immediately with no regrets. However, designing one of them fancy shmancy shoes? And not to mention that the person heading that project is actually getting in contact with different business to go about creating the shoe.

So those are definitely something to look into for this summer. I’ll probably try to do one of those, there’s more information on the website, as well as a list of different mountaintop projects available for different fields of engineering.


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