Mat033 Update

So it hasn’t been that long since my last post about Mat033 but I wanted to give a bit more insight on what we’re currently covering in the class. In summary, we’re given a certain material. Whether it’s a ceramic, metal, or polymer, each material has different packing structures, meaning that the amount of stress and strain each can tolerate before deforming permanently is different for each.

There are two types of deformations. Elastic and plastic. Elastic deformation isn’t permanent. Think stretching a rubber band and how it returns to it’s original shape. Plastic is permanent, such as bending steel to form pots or something like that.

And so, if we’re given certain properties of a material, it becomes possible to find all sorts of things. In the graphs and tables attached below, we were given the diameter of a copper rod and the change in it’s length as the amount of force it was subjected to increased. Everything else, such as it’s Young’s Modulus and engineering stress/strain was calculated using that.



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