Annotating a Part

Now that I’ve learned how to create parts and put them together to form assemblies and then put the assembly together to create something, it was time to move on to another subject.

It’s still related to NX and parts of course (what isn’t), but rather than creating parts, I’ve learned how to annotate different parts to display their dimensions. It’s different than the typical constraining. Typical constraining actually changes the part. Changing it will change the size of that one dimension. However, annotating is a simple display, changing it does nothing to the actual part.

So if you want to show the diameter of a hole, or the length of a bar, or anything like that, rather than going through the hassle of constraining your part, it’s much simpler to just create annotations. Check out the thing below for a general idea.


It looks complicated, but the information being presented is quite simple. It’s just a neat, organized way of displaying the dimensions of a part to make it clear to anyone else who looks at your creations.


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