Thermodynamics Update

So one of the few classes that assigned me any work over the break was thermodynamics. While the professor was kind enough to not assign any homework, we were told that we would be quizzed the day we got back.

So one of the few classes I’m even paying attention to this weekend is thermodynamics, so I thought I’d just share a few things about what we’ve gone over in class, as thermodynamics is a key concept in mechanical engineering.

When I last left off, we just started off on energy balancing. We’ve taken it a step further and applied it to common machines and systems we have to generate energy to measure their efficiency.

Given just two independent, intrinsic properties, we are able to find all sorts of things about a given system. Cross sectional areas at the entrance and exit, the rate at which mass is flowing through the system, the different temperatures needed to achieve such flow, the velocity at the entrance and exit, and so on and so forth.

While difficult at times and frustrating, thermodynamics gives you a deeper understanding in how everything in the world works together for you.


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