Math 205 Update

Another course that many sophomores, or if you have a lot of AP credit, freshman have to take, is Math 205, Linear Algebra, which happens to be another class that assigned me work over break.

Unlike thermodynamics, we aren’t getting quizzed, we were assigned homework that’s due the day we get back. Unlike my other professors, who assigned homework but made it due the week after, my Math 205 professor actually expects me to think about what we learned the past week over Pacing Break. Preposterous!

Jokes aside, I thought I might as well share what I’ve learned so far in the course. While simple in it’s concept, matrices can be quite powerful. Given any system of equations with however many variables, you can easily create a matrix and determine different properties using elementary operations. Matrices can tell you many different things, such as whether one is a subspace of another or a spanning set, and so on and so forth.

And since I don’t want to do your homework for you, you can figure out the rest.


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