Rathbone, Why??

I know this isn’t mechanical engineering related, but it’s something that I need to get off my chest.

One of the fastest ways you lose money is when you eat out every day. Let’s say you spend around $10 every time you eat out, which is actually pretty cheap. Assuming you eat three meals a day, that’s $30 a day. Still with me? Pacing Break is four days long, and everything except Rathbone is closed. So if you eat off campus for four days in a row, that’s an easy $120 down the drain, and that’s if you only spend $10 every time you eat out.

Well than why don’t you eat on campus, you may ask. You said Rathbone was open, you may point out. Well, the thing is, the food served at Rathbone can be described as…poop. I’m not trashing Lehigh’s services or anything, actually I kind of am, but I’d rather starve than spend any meal swipes at Rathbone.

So every time I go to U&Tea or something like that I end up spending around $13 each time, and that’s why I have to make irrelevant posts like these. I need the money. I’m sorry, but it’s a vicious cycle.

However, it is nice to have access to a car (thank you Cuong) so that you can go to nice places to eat off campus. I can’t wait for Tuesday night, there’s this place that offers wings for 50 cents.


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