Mechanical Engineering Projects to Come

One thing many of my classes have in common this semester seems to be assigning projects. Out of my six classes, three of them assign projects along with the usual midterms and finals.

The first of which is ME 10. After half a semester of homework and lab assignments, we’ve been tasked with our first mini-project, the first of a series to come as preparation for our final project. This seems exciting because it’s the first time we’re being tasked with something that doesn’t have any guidelines to it or anything.

The second one is ME 17, which is actually pretty boring in my opinion. It’s just more Excel tables and charts, and while I understand this class is important, it’s nowhere near as exciting.

The final one is Philosophy, and while it is my humanities requirement and has nothing to do with my major, the project is probably the most fun one out of the rest, even if it’s a group project. We’re assigned a conspiracy theory and our task is to convince the rest of the class why it’s actually true. Ours is the fact that vaccinations cause autism.

Anyway, that’s just more to look forward to in the future, for now, it’s time to relax. It’s Pacing Break.


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