Displaying Views in NX

Sketching different views by hand is important, but knowing how to display different views in NX makes everything so much easier. You don’t have to use a ruler, don’t have to envision different parts, NX shows you everything about the part. As long as you know how to access different views.

The standard views, such as profile, top, etc. are simple and easy to find. However, when you want something a bit more complicated, like an auxiliary view, you might have to create your own view. Doing so is a bit complicated if you don’t know what to use, but NX has tools for pretty much anything.

So with a few clicks, you can create four different views in the blink of an eye, rather than painstakingly sketching out each and every part by hand.

Here’s an example. The upper left is an auxiliary view. The upper right is an isometric view. The bottom left is a front view, and the bottom right is a profile view (side view).



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