You Won’t Believe How Easily You Can Get a Job With These Easy Steps!!!

  1. Work your butt off. You already know this? Well why the heck are you reading this obscure blog instead of doing whatever you need to be doing? And it’s more than just a GPA. It includes working hard to get involved on campus, attaining leadership positions, applying for internships/research opportunities.
  2. Make connections. Whether this means joining a fraternity or what have you, making connections with those already in the work force can really be a boon when it comes to job hunting.
  3. Major in the right subjects. Now this may seem a bit harsh, but it’s true. If you major in Medieval Literature and Art, you won’t have the breadth of job opportunities that a Mechanical/Civil Engineer may have.
  4. Minor in the right subjects. The last two go hand in hand. One extremely important skill to have in today’s age is Computer Science. Even just a general intro course will make you an employers dream.

Well this was basically just some standard information that you no doubt have heard countless times already, which is why I made such a click-baity title. But hopefully, if you didn’t know this, it taught you something.



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