Thermodynamics Update

When I first started Thermodynamics, I thought the class would be a cakewalk. I mean, the first homework was nothing but unit conversions. Which is provided on exams.

But now, it’s something more along the lines of black magic. Sometimes one value is zero and negligible, other times it’s not. Sometimes you can convert from m^2/s^2 to kJ/kg. The only explanation for that is wizardry. And that’s not even the hard part.

Luckily, most of thermodynamics makes sense. It’s a study of how the world works, and if we live and observe our world in our daily lives, thermodynamics only helps you further that understanding.

Take pressure and volume for example. One of the most basic, but important concepts of thermodynamics, outside of the first law, makes perfect sense to even a kindergartner. If you have a gas and you decrease the volume, the pressure will increase.

And did I mention I have an exam for this class coming up soon? Hopefully I can get my act together in time for this exam.



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