Study Areas

If you’re looking at this blog, chances are, you’re me in the future or my boss. But if you’re a student looking for some good study areas, you’re in the right place.

Yes, there are study areas outside of the libraries. Yes, there are study areas in Steps and place like that. But there are plenty of other study places if un-conventional.

In Maginnes hall, over the weekend, there are usually several empty, unlocked classrooms that you can use at your leisure. A projector, computer, blackboard, and a room to yourself and your study partners makes a great environment.

In Packard, outside of the CAD labs, if you go up to the sixth floor, there are some super nice single study desks. Those get packed real fast though, because there aren’t that many spots open.

Steps would be a nice place to study if it wasn’t closed over the weekends/after hours. Which is why Packard is the best. It’s open all the time. Which is why engineering is the best.


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