ME-10 Exam

So as I found out the hard way this past weekend that ME-10, Graphics Communication, is much more than making shapes in NX. There’s much more to the class than sitting in front of a computer creating solids in programs and stuff like that.

The upcoming midterm is on Tuesday, and there’s still plenty that I need to learn. There are key terms and phrases and jargon that engineers use to communicate with each other. I need to learn how to sketch out different solids on 2-D paper using isometric and orthographic views.

I need to be able to do different sketches of certain sketches, be able to cut open a part visually in my head and sketch out the interior of the part as a result of the cut and so much more.

So that’s something to look forward to this coming week. Along with all the other exams I had. While having exams later than everyone else might give you more time to study, it really just gives you more excuses to procrastinate.


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