Joining PSP

So for the past few weeks, I’ve been going through the rush process of PSP, or Phi Sigma Pi, which is a national honors society. While it’s considered greek life, a fraternity, it’s not really a fraternity. They don’t have a house, there’s not really a hazing or anything, and it’s not as involved.

Think of it more like a slightly  more involved club with insane dues.

While the minimal GPA isn’t very high at all (3.0) and getting past that first hurdle is no problem, the important part of PSP is it’s communal aspect. Joining a fraternity or sorority, or even becoming more involved in a club, can really change your college career.

Now I’ve set a new goal in getting in to Tau Beta Pi, which will be much harder. Tau Beta Pi is another honors society that honors top engineers across the nation, so although it’s a tough goal to reach, reaching it would be a great accomplishment.


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