Gen-Ed and Required Classes

So by the time you’re a sophomore, you should be done with most of your gen-ed classes. Those are classes like Chemistry, English, etc. Then there are those pesky required courses that you hate because they seem to have nothing to do with your major.

One such class for Mechanical Engineering majors is MAT-033, or Materials Science and Processing. So far, we’ve learned how different atomic arrangements create different stacking patterns.

While it seems like it has nothing to do with Mechanical Engineering, you eventually learn that all the engineering fields are interconnected. With these different atomic arrangements, they can be affected by temperature, and irregularities such as vacancies / substitutions can drastically change the properties of a material.

With a change in material, the different stress and strain limits on the material changes. So everything is tied together.

Except for computer science. They seem to always be doing their own thing.


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