Creating Solid Bodies From Multi Views

A major concept in NX or CAD modeling is the ability to look at an object from different angles, sketch out the different views (top, front, right, back, etc.), and then sketch a solid body either on paper or in NX.

While the concept is easy, when the shapes begin to get a bit more complicated, things start becoming much harder. It’s important to label notable edges/vertices to keep track of where your different faces connect with each other.

While it may be tedious, if you approach it diligently, you can get through these sorts of problems without breaking a sweat. Here’s an example of something we had to do.


If your in ME10 and you had this homework assignment and your sitting there thinking “Wait, this guy got it wrong,” I purposely put an altered version in to avoid being cited for plagiarism or whatever. If any of you guys even read this blog.


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