“Minimum GPA”

Two words (or one word and an acronym) that strikes fear into any prospective candidates for universities, jobs, internships, or what have you.

Sometimes, you feel comfortable because you’re well above the required GPA, so you have nothing to worry about. Other times, you believe you have zero chance of getting in because your GPA barely met the required GPA.

Well, you could be wrong in both cases.

As I’m starting to look through internship opportunities, many websites have a preferred GPA, but even if you don’t make the cut, if you shore up your weaknesses with other activities, such as leadership positions, being involved in different clubs/societies, and just making sure you put your name out there.

Likewise, if you have a 3.9 GPA and you don’t do anything on the side, like literally nothing, you might actually lose the position to someone with a lower GPA but demonstrated that they know how to function in the real world, outside of an academic setting.

Because after all, once you’re in the job market, especially as an engineer, people don’t care about whether or not you had a high GPA in college, they care about whether or not you can get the job done.


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