Job Fair

The Job Fair was held yesterday, and as a sophomore, it’s not really required for you to go. If you’re a freshman, going is more often than not just a waste of time.

However, with nothing better to do, I decided that I would take a look. Of course, without too much experience under my belt yet, and the fact that I’m still unsure about my future, I didn’t get too much out of it, but seeing all the companies there is reassuring in the sense that there are so many available positions in so many different fields after you graduate.

In addition, getting to see graduate students and what they do was super interesting, as it’s a path that I’m considering. Not to mention that Lehigh also has some of the best undergraduate research programs to get you started on that path.

Also, just getting to talk to the other students there about internships, summer programs, and all the other opportunities available to Lehigh students was very enlightening.

Sorry if the post was a bit general, but to get a better sense of it, you should definitely go. This goes double if you’re a junior or senior. At that point, it’s pretty much required for you to go to the Career Expo.


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