Learning to use Excel

I used to think I was pretty good with computers. I played a bunch of video games, I knew what specs were important towards building a powerful PC. However, I soon learned those skills were pretty useless in the field of Mechanical Engineering.

For one, I thought I could handle myself well in Microsoft Excel. I knew how to create tables and then use those tables to make graphs. But now that I’m taking a class called ME17, I’ve learned that there is much more to Excel than simply plotting graphs.

For one, I didn’t know that you could use “if” functions in Excel. Not only that, you can even extend/make your if statements more powerful using the “and” and “or” functions. Not only that, but Excel is capable of countless functions that I have yet to learn.

I look forward to becoming more adept at using such a powerful tool. ME17 also teaches basic programming skills in C++ and other languages, and I eagerly anticipate broadening my skills as an aspiring Mechanical Engineer.


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