MEM Calculator Policy

Back in high school, I passed my physics class with flying colors thanks to my handy-dandy graphing calculator. I would have programs written out to solve different types of problems for me, along with other helpful tools. Thanks to my futuristic calculator, I got an A+ in physics and a 5 on the AP exam.

Does this sound familiar? Don’t lie, we’ve all done it. Which is why in most mechanical engineering classes, graphing calculators are not allowed on midterms and finals.


At least we don’t get stuck with four-function calculators. While you may complain “But in the real world we can use whatever we have at our disposal, wah wah wah,” that’s not the point. The point of going through college to earn a degree is to elevate your understanding of a subject to a point where you can communicate with others at a higher level.

So get busy working on your basic addition/multiplication/subtraction/division skills.


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