I Thought I was Done With Vocabulary

But I was very wrong. In ME10, the course that I’ve been talking about so much, I was just given a list of vocabulary words to memorize. According to our professor, we are going to be tested on them soon.

While some of the words are familiar, such as Burnish, Bore, and others, there are far more that I never heard in the context of Mechanical Engineering. For example, before this course, I didn’t know that “spotface” was a real word. It even has red squiggles under it when I type it out. But it’s a verb and it’s a process in which you finish a round spot on the rough surface of a casting at a drilled hole for the purpose of providing a smooth seat for a bolt or screw head.

And there are a lot of words that I need to memorize. At first, I questioned why I needed to know this if I had access to the internet in my pocket, but I realized that to communicate with other engineers at a higher level, it’s necessary to have a solid foundation to work with.

If you’re curious, here is the list that we are required to memorize: n1-shop-terms.

It feels like high school all over again, where we were given vocabulary lists to memorize. Hopefully I manage to retain these though.


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