VPN is Your Friend

You ever need to get something from your H:Drive, but you really don’t want to trek over to the library or computer lab? Ever want to access MatLab without having to crawl out of your room? Well then, VPN is your friend.

I’m not technologically savvy, but how VPN works is that you remotely access a private VPN server through your computer. In this case, you hook up with a school desktop with all the stuff you need installed on it. At least that’s how I think it works. It’s pretty simple to do as well. I actually did this for that Arduino/MatLab course I took in freshman year, but it’s still useful.

All you need is to download Cisco Any Connect and Vmware. Then, you log on using your university username and password, and voila, you have another excuse not to leave your room.

This is useful if you have something saved on your H:drive or what have you that you can’t access through your personal computer. That way, you can separate your personal stuff from your school stuff.

Just don’t forget to log off of both when you’re done.


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