A Week Into Sophomore Year

I’ve just started my second year here, and so far the most important thing I’ve discovered is that I still have much to learn. After taking care of all my prerequisite courses last year, I’m finally starting to take courses tailored for students going into Mechanical Engineering.

Although most of the classes are quite similar, related to Math or Physics, I’m taking a few courses that are a bit unlike any other I’ve taken so far. For one, ME17 doesn’t have lectures. Instead, due to the nature of the course, all the information is posted online. For those that don’t know, ME17 is an introductory programming course for engineering students, teaching them how to use Excel, C++, MatLab, etc.

In addition, I’m also taking ME10, which is Engineering Graphics, where I’m being introduced to solid-works and taught how to use different modeling softwares.

Hopefully my blogs can become a bit more interesting in the future as I learn more and can share what life is like in the Mechanical Engineering department at Lehigh, but for now, the best I can do is show you the differences between freshman and sophomore year.


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