IPD Prototype Progress


For the second half of this semester the main focus of IPD is to design and build a prototype for your final presentation. My group has recently made a change in the direction of our design. Like I mentioned last time, my group planned on making a gear train that was powered via a worm shaft. Initially this was the plan we agreed upon but the design of the worm and corresponding worm gear proved to be too difficult to conquer in the amount of time we had remaining. To overcome this, we looked in the storage room in Packard Lab and found a large worm gear and worm that we could modify for a prototype. Our plan was to have a working gear train that would explain our product, but not to the right size and scale of the final product that Dresser-Rand would need. However, the spare parts for our prototype are very big and heavy (see below) and we aren’t sure that we can build a rig necessary to hold these parts in place. So, we went back to the drawing board and made a change to our design. The overall gear train is the same, only now its powered via a rack instead of a worm. This makes designing and making our own components easier because there are tools built into SolidWorks that help design these components (see above). We plan on making our gears out of acrylic using a laser cutter and gluing layers together to get the proper thickness. We figured this was the best method to get accurate parts for the least amount of money. Another update to come with the finished prototype.



3 thoughts on “IPD Prototype Progress

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