Tau Beta Pi Initiation



Last night was a proud moment for myself. Towards the end of freshman year, an upperclassmen I was friends with told me about an honor society called Tau Beta Pi. TBP is the oldest engineering honor society in the nation and was founded here at Lehigh in 1885. It has a lengthy list of notable members including astronauts and Nobel Prize winners. It’s difficult to get in, only the top 1/8 percent of juniors are invited. On top of that, there is an interview process that judges the content of one’s character. TBP prides itself on not only the intellectual capabilities of it’s members but the virtue of their character as well. I thought several years ago that getting into TBP would be a great goal to set for myself and would keep me devoted to my studies. Now two years later I can proudly say thatĀ  I’ve reached my goal. It took a lot of hard work but it has paid off in the end.


But now that I’ve reached this goal I must set for myself another, I hope to get the Presidential Scholarship when I graduate. This scholarship provides students with cumulative GPAs greater than 3.75 a fifth year at Lehigh tuition-free. Getting this scholarship would allow me to pursue a Masters in Mechanical Engineering for free so I’d love to seize that opportunity. So far I’m on track to get the scholarship, I just need to keep up the good work. Hopefully this semester will push me one step closer to getting this as well.


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