IPD Desgin


Our IPD class is set up is so that before the midterm we do all the planning, market research, intellectual property research, etc. to develop our idea. Once all that is done, then the design phase of the class starts and we are in charge of developing and creating our product. This is where we are now in the class and its actually very difficult. The past few weeks were spent brainstorming different ways to accomplish our goal. After talking with several professors from different disciplines, along with our company sponsors, we have decided to pursue the design pictured above. What’s pictured above is just a sample mock up I made to convey the idea.This mechanical drive system consists of a worm, worm gear, and pinion. We have just recently covered these items in ME 252, Mechanical Elements. What’s tricky is that we now have to figure out the design parameters of all these elements, like the number of teeth, pitch, pressure angles, etc.  In class, these parameters were usually given and we had to calculate other parameters. Now that we are designing this from the ground up, its very difficult and we are having trouble just figuring out where to start. We have size and dimensional constraints along with strength requirements we must consider that will hopefully get this design off the ground. All of the professors we’ve talked to seemed enthusiastic to help so I’ll definitely be seeking their advice if we continue to get stuck.


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