Registration Woes

This week was registration for the Fall 2016 semester. Usually I have a good bit of luck when scheduling my classes and almost always get what I want. Unfortunately for me, this time around was a little different. First of all, I had to wait a whole day to register because I technically only have junior status. The way the Registrar schedules registration is they split the student body up into different sections based on the number of credits you have completed and assign each section a starting time. The cutoff between junior and senior standing is 87 completed credits…I had 86 credits completed. Students with senior standing register a day before juniors, this is a huge advantage for those registering for classes that have a limited number of spots. Even though I have been closely following the standard curriculum guidelines laid out by the department, I ended up one measly credit shy of the cutoff.


As a result, I was wait-listed for ME 321 (Intro. to Heat Transfer). The course is offered in the spring so I’ll be able to take it regardless, but it could conflict with certain electives I planed on taking, which would be a real bummer. There was another bug in registration, ME 333 (Propulsion Systems). This class used to be offered in the spring but they changed it and now offer it only in the fall. MECH 326 (Aerodynamics) was a prerequisite for it, but now it’s a co-requisite. Unfortunately, the Registrar never made that change. An error was given saying that I wasn’t allowed to register for the class. To overcome this I had to fill out an override request form and get it signed by several faculty members. So far I’m only registered for 14 credits so I’ll stay on the waiting list hoping to pick up another 3 from ME 321. If not I’ll have to see what other class I can take in its place. I hope next registration goes a little better.


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