3D Printing for Classes


I’ve noticed that this year I’ve seen a big rise in the amount of 3D printing I’ve done for my course work. Prior to this year there wasn’t really much to do with it in the intro-level classes I was taking like dynamics, statics, etc. This semester I have two classes in which its very helpful and even necessary. For IPD (Integrated Product Development) we have just started the design phase for our project. With lots of different ideas floating around it’s helpful to have a solid model (pictured above) to hold in your hand when you explain to someone, like a professor, how you think it’ll work. Since we are in charge of designing an actuation mechanism, a solid model is very useful when asking for input from others. In my manufacturing class we’ve also done some 3D printing. Yesterday I posted the picture of our model car that we plan to make via injection molding. Hopefully it turns out just as good as the 3D printed model! Its nice to see how easily 3D printing has been integrated into the coursework and how Lehigh has really embraced the technology. What’s really great though is that printing for coursework is 100% free, so as students we are encouraged to really experiment and prototype which is a lot of fun.


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