ME 242: Electromechanical Systems

While ME 242 is titled Engineering Vibrations and Systems, we’re just now starting a section on electromechanical systems. Electromechanical systems are so important because they are just about everywhere you look. Prof. Chew always loves to reference cars and the automobile industry during his lectures. He worked for General Motors for many years before he began his teaching career. Prof. Chew says that in cars nowadays there are very few purely mechanical systems, since most have been coupled with an electrical system. This marriage between disciplines is reflected in some of the material we’ve been going over recently. This class really brings together ideas and theories from past mechanical engineering classes, electrical engineering classes, and even some past physics classes as well. In fact, this class has incorporated more of my prior course work than any other class I’ve taken. The class is difficult too, because it requires a deep understanding of all this prior theory, some of which may be quite dusty in the back of one’s mind. We have a bi-weekly exam coming up this Friday that I’ll be studying for all week. Wish me luck!


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