Summer Plans 2016

In college you always need to be thinking ahead especially when it comes to making plans for the summer. At Lehigh there are tons of options that include taking classes, LauchBayC, which is a program for entrepreneurs, Mountaintop projects, and research. Additionally many students apply for internships and study abroad. I interviewed a few Mechanical Engineers and am really impressed by the range of activities people are participating in this summer.

921206_976916205715235_1484049592361682227_oAdrien,  is interested in going to graduate school for aerospace engineering, so he is participating in a project with a professor this upcoming summer in that field. Their aim is to find the best angle of attack at which the wings of an airplane should be positioned to maximize speed, while also reducing fuel consumption. They will also investigate which materials are the most suitable in order to reduce turbulence. Their first step is to prototype the wing, then they will test it in the wind tunnel in Packard Lab.


JohnJohn, is looking to get an internship at a mechanical engineering firm close to home. He is interested in machine and product design, and wants to do something in that area once he graduates. He is also considering taking  Chinese classes or participating in the GREEN Program.  The GREEN program is a 10 day summer program where he would travel to another country and learn how that country is innovating green technology.


10945567_930862923631077_4154108381317602181_nJenny, is traveling to Ireland to participate in research abroad. She has always wanted to go to Ireland and saw this as the perfect opportunity to expand her horizons.


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