Manufacturing Group Project-Update 2


This past Tuesday the group and I met once again to finish our car proposal that will be sent to our middle school clients. At first we had trouble getting the internal shell thickness right because the wings made use of the Shell feature in SolidWorks difficult. We got around that issue by neglecting the wings and doing a revolve cut to shell the parts. While this solution doesn’t give a constant shell thickness, it does get us sufficiently close. We’ll have to play around with Moldflow to optimize the runner design because of this but that shouldn’t be too difficult. After shelling the top and bottom pieces we added the wheelbase to finish our design. We weren’t sure what colors our clients had envisioned for their car since they never specified that on the information sheet, so we gave them an assortment of colors and wrote to them asking what they would prefer.We think that overall design looks great and are excited to hear the feedback from our clients. While we are on spring break they will 3D print the model at school so we are also excited to see the outcome of that. Ill be sure to make updates in the future about our progress.


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